Hernando Quilters’ Guild Bylaws

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Revised: 10/23/2014



Name and Authority

  1. The name of this organization is: Hernando Quilters’ Guild, Inc.

  1. This Guild shall operate in careful adherence to the Constitution and laws of the United States of America and the State of Florida.

  1. The rules contained in the most recent revision of “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern this Guild in all cases in which it is applicable.



The object of this Guild shall be to foster an appreciation of quilting and to extend charity where needed.

  1. To bring about a better understanding of quilting to the community.

  1. To speak for and further the interests of quilters.

  1. To provide an educational opportunity for members through classes, workshops and programs.

  1. To donate goods and money where needed, both in the community and beyond.



  1. Individuals may become members by subscribing to the By-Laws of the Guild and by paying annual dues. There will be no discrimination.

  2. Dues are due once a year on January 1st – January 31st. Members who pay after the end of February will be assessed a late fee of $5.00.

  1. The fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

  1. New members joining after July 1st will pay 50% of normal annual dues.


Revised: 10/23/2014



The budget for the next fiscal year shall be submitted in January to the General Membership for approval.



  1. Regular meeting of the General Membership shall be held monthly on the fourth (4th) Thursday at 10:00 am until noon with the exception of November at which time it will meet the third (3rd) Thursday.

  1. The Executive Board Meeting shall be held once a month. Chairmen of Standing committees as well as any Guild member in good standing may attend any Board meeting as non-voting members.


Executive Board

  1. Executive Board shall consist of officers elected in five positions:

    1. President

    1. Vice-President

    1. Second Vice-President

    1. Secretary

    1. Treasurer

  1. These officers shall be members in good standing. The President shall have been a member for at least one year.

  1. The executive officers may hold the same office for no more than two (2) consecutive terms. A term consists of two (2) consecutive years. Unexpired terms shall be filled to their expiration through appointment by the President and approval of the Board and General Membership. If time served in this office is less than six (6) months it will not count in the two (2) year restrictions.


Revised: 10/23/2014


Officers and Their Duties

The officers shall consist of President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Their duties are:

  1. The President shall preside at all regular, special and Board meetings. This officer, with the approval of the Board, shall appoint all committees except the nominating committee; shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee; shall see that all books, reports, or forms required by the law are properly kept and filed; be one of the officers who may sign the checks of the organization, sign all orders of disbursement of funds in the absence of the Treasurer; sign all agreements pertaining to the Guild. She/he shall remain on the Executive Board for a period of six (6) months in a non-voting capacity following the term of office.
  1. The First Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in case of her/his absence or disabilities. She/he is also one of the officers who may sign checks of the organization. This officer shall arrange any social event the Guild may have along with a volunteer committee as the need arises.
  1. The Second Vice-President will be the Education Chairman. As Education Chairman she/he will supervise the operations of the workshops and classes and shall be responsible for securing National and Local teachers
  1. The Secretary shall take roll-call and record the votes at all Board meeting. She/he shall record the minutes of all regular, special and Board meetings. This officer shall also handle general correspondence as required and keep a file of all incoming and outgoing correspondence pertaining to the Guild. She/he shall perform such duties as the Office may require.
  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Guild and shall make disbursements at the direction of the Board. All vouchers shall be signed by the Committee Chair or other requesting member and the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be accountable for all receipts and disbursements. She/he shall adhere to the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service as well as any State or Local regulations. She/he shall also be prepared to submit records for an annual audit and at any other time as directed by the Board. Funds of the Guild shall be deposited in a bank approved by the Board. All checks only require one signature and can either be signed by the Treasurer, President or First Vice-President.


Revised: 10/23/2014

The outgoing treasurer will serve as auditor for the incoming treasurer for as long as the incoming treasurer holds that position [2-4 years]. In the absence of a former treasurer, the president shall ask for volunteers to audit the treasurer’s report for the previous year.


Nominations and Elections

  1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three to five (3 to 5) members in good standing. The President will ask for volunteers to serve on the committee at the April General Membership meeting. No member of the Executive Board shall serve on this committee.
  1. The Slate of Officers will be presented and floor nominations made at the October General Membership meeting. No absent member of the Guild may be nominated for an office without their written approval.

  1. Election of officers will be at the November General Membership meeting; installation of Officers and transfer of books shall be performed at the December Board meeting and to be held before the Christmas luncheon.



The Chair of the Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board.

  1. Membership—The Membership Committee shall be responsible for registering members, collecting annual dues, maintaining membership records, providing information packets to new members and providing and updating membership directories when needed.
  1. Editor—The Editor shall publish a Newsletter six (6) times a year and interface with the web-master/web-site. The Newsletter shall be a source of information regarding classes, workshops and all future activities pertaining to the Guild. Once a year, a financial report is to be included in the Newsletter.
  1. House and Hospitality—The House and Hospitality Committee is responsible for sending cards to members when necessary (Sunshine Lady).

  1. Charity—The Charity Committee shall oversee all charity programs. They will research local needs and present project options to the membership. This committee will collect and deliver any items

made. This committee will also research options for the guild’s end-of-year donations. 4

Revised: 10/23/2014



In the event that the Guild is Dissolved, all funds remaining after the payments of debts shall be distributed to Hernando County charities selected by the remaining General Membership.


Amendments to the By-Laws

  1. A quorum shall equal not less than 40% of the total current membership.

  1. The By-Laws may be amended or revised and new By-Laws adopted by no less than 51% of a quorum established at a general meeting.

  1. New or revised By-Laws will be read or posted at a general membership meeting and a copy of the draft will be sent to members via email. At the next General Membership meeting, the changes will again be read or posted and voted on at that time.


Special Committee

Nominating Committee—The Nominating Committee will be responsible for presenting a slate of nominees at

the October meeting.

Quilt Show Committee The Quilt Show Committee is responsible for planning and executing all aspects of the quilt show every two years. The committee will consist of a chairperson and assistant chairperson with several sub-committee chairpersons.

Retreat Committee The Retreat Committee is responsible for planning and managing all aspects of any sewing retreat for paid members. The committee will select a date, contract for the site, hire or enlist teachers for classes, organize any social activities and coordinate any services between members and the retreat staff.